For more information regarding the Ridley Bronze turkey, you can contact the following:

Rare Breeds Canada –

Margaret Thomson –

George Whitney –

Yvonne Hillsden –



8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I have a small flock,by Hague sask. 3 hens ,2 toms . 1 tom is from that maple creek flock that is no more, others from Ontario.. would be great to share (maple creeks) genes.. He is getting older now ,6yrs..


  2. I have 25 turkeys at the moment. I have an active tom and four hens. They have produced 2 clutches this summer (hence the large number of birds) I am in Prince Edward County in Ontario. Not sure if I want to further augment my flock or sell my birds. Would someone be interested in an exchange of toms??? Any other suggestions. The birds are wonderful.


    • Lisa Bois I have just seen your post. If you have decided to sell some of your new flock. Please let me know I might be interested in acquiring a few.


  3. I live in Camrose County Alberta and am looking to help preserve the breed! I currently have heritage breed chickens, sheep, Pygmy goats, Berkshire pigs and turkeys. If anyone would know of anybody who is willing to sell 10-20 I would be completely interested as I have been looking for a long time. I have the land (78 acres), experience and determination to aid in the preservation of our Canadian pride.


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